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Our Team

You are invited to join us on one of our unique journeys. We have a real passion to see the world and explore new cultures. Some of the most significant moments in our lives came about during our travels, and the rewards have been unimaginable. Travel is truly the ultimate education and a joy to share with others.

Meet our travel team that includes tour leaders and travel agents. All will be happy to help you to book the trip of your dreams!

Debbie Founder - Today's Woman Traveller. 

1977 - 2023

My passion for travel began over 38 years ago apprenticing in a travel agency. While organizing custom travel arrangements for missionaries all over the world, I gained valuable international knowledge, experience and expertise that would later allow me to run my own travel agency and build my own custom tours and individual travel programs.

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Before turning to my love of travel in 2002, I had worked in several management positions. Because of this previous experience, I'm comfortable handling all facets and details of the travel business from corporate travel to designing custom travel for individuals and groups.

Suzanne bodner

My passion for travel was sparked when I landed a job teaching English in Paris after studying French Language and Literature at Western University in London, Ontario. A whole year to discover in my free time the tiny hidden cultural and gastronomical gems of Paris, the surrounding countryside and nearby European countries! What a thrill to

JudiInBudapestI’m a passionate traveller and have travelled extensively around the world, both in groups and on my own.

I was born in Budapest, Hungary and immigrated to Canada in the late 1960’s.

Throughout my career and various management positions, I've learned the joys of guiding, organizing and communicating with people.

Being highly adventurous, I delight in uncovering hidden, lesser-known places and as a tour guide, look forward to sharing these places and other unique experiences with the group.

Joanne KingstonMy intrigue to travel began at 19 years old when I was fortunate to meet two girls my age from Scotland visiting one of my neighbours. Since I was their age, I was asked to show them around on a tour of Eastern Ontario. One year later, I toured Scotland for a month with these girls and I was bitten by the "Travel Bug".


My foray into the travel business started with my retirement from a corporate administration and accounting career. I have always wanted to travel but had not had many opportunities to do so.

As an avid gardener, I pursued a certificate as a Master Gardener. Adding to that, being an artist and photographer, I felt that my expertise in these areas could be the basis for offering a unique experience for many other women who have similar interests and a love for travel.

Cecelia2A day is a very happy day when I can spend it exploring new corners of wherever I am,
my hometown or a place I am visiting. It is even better if there are people to share it

Travelling through new landscapes, scampering over rocks and creeks, learning and exploring new cultures energizes me to my core! The result is that I have travelled most of North America, along with much of Central and South America, the Caribbean, the UK and Western Europe.

Aline Barlow150pxI have been in the travel and tourism business all my life but it is my husband, Jeff Barlow, who introduced me to the escorted-travel side of this industry.

I have accompanied painters in Thailand, photographers in Germany, and taken several journeys in England and France.

Jean lawson300pxI love spending time outdoors camping, hiking and exploring new landscapes and architectures.  I have been lucky enough to have travelled extensively throughout Canada and the United States from the Arctic to California and hiked the Highlands recently in Scotland. 

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